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The Penetration Tester's Guide

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On Aug 24, 2013 Fabien Vauthey wrote: A must read
As working closely with IT systems, this is the book I wish I have read a long time ago. Written by David Kennedy, Jim O’Gorman, Devon Kearns and Mati Aharoni, all working in Security and contributing to security tools, the book describes precisely how a modern professional attack against an IT infrastructure is happening with the Metasploit framework. Full Review >

HTML5: Up and Running

HTML5: Up and Running

Dive into the Future of Web Development

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On Jun 11, 2011 Fabien Vauthey wrote: A nice book to discover HTML5 and the future of the web.
L'auteur, Mark Pilgrim ingénieur chez Google, ne se contente pas seulement de nous décrire la nouvelle sémantique HTML5 (<header>, <footer>, <video> and co…) ni l'utilisation avancée des canvas, geolocalisation local storage et microdata, il évoque tout au long du livre l'histoire qui a amené à l'élaboration de ces composants et finalement du HTML5, il illustre ses propos d'applications concrètes et de liens pour plus d'informations. Full Review >

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Fitness for Geeks

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A simple plan for health for computer programmers
Fitness and nutrition is a terrible industry to look for any kind of accurate information.… Full Review >

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