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Inside Cyber Warfare

Inside Cyber Warfare

Mapping the Cyber Underworld

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On Aug 30, 2012 Jon Unger wrote: An Inside Look at the Cyber Battlefield
Jeffery Carr's tell-all book was an interesting analysis into the current threat that the government and businesses face from the rise in using cyberspace as the new grounds for warfare. Originally I picked up the book thinking that this particular selection would help me in securing my network and/or maybe more of what the existing threats are within the Enterprise. Unfortunately the book focused more on the hidden world of government funded cyber pirates. This book took me quite a while to finish it up but I do remember that many of the concepts reminded me of how the entire Wikileaks and anonymous cyber war played out. I would say though that this book is probably the most detailed and best written book on the topic that I have came across. So I would, and have, recommended the book to several others that are more interested in cyber-terrorism and how the governments of today are using worms and Denial of Service attacks as their weapons. Full Review >

Beautiful Testing

Beautiful Testing

Leading Professionals Reveal How They Improve Software

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On Dec 27, 2011 Jon Unger wrote:
Full Review >

Scott & Neil's Designing Web Interfaces Master Class

Scott & Neil's Designing Web Interfaces Master Class

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On Dec 16, 2010 Jon Unger wrote: Class Review – Scott & Neil’s Designing Web Interfaces Master Class
I found this video to be a must-have resource for anyone that works with the user interface of application development. While this video does not go into details on how to build these interfaces, it does arm the viewer with enough information to go out and build better designed web… Full Review >

JavaScript: The Good Parts

JavaScript: The Good Parts

Jon's rating: StarStarStarStarStar 4.0

On Dec 14, 2010 Jon Unger wrote: Book Review – JavaScript: The Good Parts by Douglas Crockford
For JavaScript developers looking for an academic approach to methods, functions, arrays, and the sort.... this book is for you. The Good Parts discusses the best parts of the language and shows how to take advantage of those parts in your application. Full Review >

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