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Learning iPhone Programming

Learning iPhone Programming

From Xcode to App Store

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On Jan 30, 2011 Matthias Köster wrote: Book Review: Learning iPhone Programming by Alasdair Allan
SummaryAlasdair Allan Book "Learning iPhone Programming" starts with a discussion of the pro and cons of native iPhone Apps. Since I'm quite new to iPhone programming I didn't know that the initial version of the iPhone didn't support native application. So I really liked that the author describes the history… Full Review >

The Productive Programmer

The Productive Programmer

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On Jan 8, 2011 Matthias Köster wrote: Book Review: The Productive Programmer by Neal Ford
In his book "The Productive Programmer" Neal Ford suggests several ways to become a more productive programmer.The book is divided in two parts. The first part titled "Mechanics" describes which tools can be used to improve your productivity as a programmer. It starts with suggestions for every day task like… Full Review >

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