Jennifer Hodgdon

Mistakes Drupal Programmers Make

Date: This event took place live on April 17 2013

Presented by: Jennifer Hodgdon


Cost: Free

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

Cost: Free

Join us for a hands-on webcast presented by Jennifer Hodgdon author of Programmer's Guide to Drupal to learn about mistakes that Drupal programmers commonly make, so you can avoid them.

From this webcast, you will learn how and why to avoid:

  • PHP code in the database
  • High-impact programming that slows down your site
  • Data sanitization and internationalization mistakes
  • Ignoring accessibility and usability
  • Just plain programming too much

About Jennifer Hodgdon

Jennifer Hodgdon wrote her first computer program in 1982, and has been a professional software developer since 1994, using a wide variety of programming languages (FORTRAN, C, Java, PHP, JavaScript, ...). She started doing PHP/MySQL web programming professionally around 2002, and set up her first Drupal web site in 2007. Soon after that, she started contributing volunteer time to the Drupal open-source project and the Seattle Drupal User Group: organizing meet-ups and conferences, serving as the co-leader and then the leader of the Drupal Documentation Team in 2011-2012, leading workshops, and making conference presentations. She is currently a freelance Drupal site builder and module programmer, the volunteer maintainer of several Drupal modules, the co-organizer of the Spokane (WA) Drupal User Group, and the Drupal Core maintainer/committer for API documentation and coding standards. She can be contacted through her business web site,, or through her user account (jhodgdon).

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