Francesco Cesarini, Bruce Tate, Joe Armstrong, Zachary Kesin and Simon Thompson at Erlang User Conference 2013 iCal

Date: This event took place live on June 13 2013

Mälarsalen AB Torkel Knutssonsgatan 2 Box 170 60, 104 62
Stockholm, 104 62

Author Bruce Tate (Seven Languages in Seven Weeks, Seven Databases in Seven Weeks, and 8 other books) presents the keynote talk: "Snakebitten - Danger & Misfortune in the Evolution of Programming Languages" Author Joe Armstrong (Programming Erlang) presents the keynote talk: "Over a Century of Programming" Author Zachary Kessin (Programming HTML5 Applications, Building Web applications in Erlang and the upcoming Testing Erlang ) presents "Code Generation in Erlang" Author Simon Thompson (Programming Erlang, Erlang by Example with Cesarini and Thompson) presents "Profiling Erlang Programs using Percept2"

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