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Techniques for Successfully Moving to Microservices Architecture

Date: This event took place live on September 29 2016

Presented by: Asad Ali, Reinhard Pilz

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

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Because they promise to provide high scalability and availability, microservices are gaining ground in high-throughput Java applications. However, design patterns that worked well in a monolithic application rarely work well in the microservices world. The design patterns you choose for your microservices-based applications play a significant role in their performance.

In this webcast, you'll get a deeper look at 3 anti-patterns in microservices architecture that may cause significant performance impacts on your applications. You'll learn tips for avoiding these anti-patterns, so you can create effective and efficient conversions.

Asad Ali and Reinhard Pilz, from Dynatrace, will use Spring Boot applications built on a microservices architecture to showcase these anti-patterns and successful techniques for avoiding them, such as:

  • How to create balance between service-level granularity and application performance
  • How to distribute services across multiple processes and hosts, and gain scalability and availability without degrading performance
  • How to optimize inter-service communication without creating payload overhead

About Asad Ali, Product Specialist at Dynatrace

Asad is a technical product evangelist with over 15 years of experience in object-oriented programming, databases, and scripting languages. His vast expertise includes application performance for Java, .NET, containers, and mobile applications. Asad leads a team of technical resources for the Dynatrace application monitoring product. His mission is to extend and enhance Dynatrace application monitoring capabilities to encourage adoption of the product in large-scale deployments.

About Reinhard Pilz, Product Specialist at Dynatrace

Reinhard has over 15 years of experience as full-stack developer in the field of web and APM engineering. In his role as a Product Specialist, he is regularly involved in deep dive analysis of application architecture and performance issues. His expertise includes application performance for Java, .NET, and mobile applications.