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Press Release: April 6, 2005

"iPhoto 5: The Missing Manual": A Complete Course in Macintosh Digital Photography

Sebastopol, CA--With iPhoto 5, a cornerstone of Apple's iLife '05 software suite, Apple has eliminated the infamous "chain of pain" of transferring photos from a digital camera, organizing them, and publishing, printing, or sharing them. This version offers fifty new features--but not one printed manual.

iPhoto 5: The Missing Manual (O'Reilly, US $29.95) comes fully loaded--and in full color--so readers can exercise all the power, flexibility, and creativity of the stunning new iPhoto 5. "The color images take this book to a new level," says coauthor Derrick Story. "Not only are we able to more effectively explain how to use iPhoto 5, but it's fun just to flip through the pages."

With the scrupulous objectivity, clever wit, and technical wisdom you count on from David Pogue along with the expertise of Mac master and professional photographer Derrick Story, this book is for digital photographers at any level of expertise. But it's especially valuable to the everyday shutterbug looking to turn ordinary snapshots into extraordinary ones. "I think many amateur photographers are going to start experimenting with RAW files now that iPhoto 5 supports those formats," says Story. "We've covered RAW editing in this book, and using our guide and iPhoto 5 is a great way to get your feet wet with RAW."

Delivering countless undocumented iPhoto features, hints, and tools, this authoritative guide includes:

  • Digital photography essentials: Readers will find tutorials on buying a digital camera and learning about its features; composing brilliant photos in various situations (including sports photography, portraits, nighttime photography, even kid photography and theater performances); and making digital movies.
  • iPhoto essentials: Readers will learn about everything from camera-meets-Mac basics to storing, organizing, and searching to editing with iPhoto 5's new set of stellar image editing tools and features.
  • Finding an audience: Readers can show off their digital photography with ease via customized slideshows (complete with iTunes soundtracks), prints, or photo books; by email, the Web, or even a network; and by exporting to QuickTime and iDVD.
  • iPhoto "stunts": Power users--and aspiring power users--can build custom screen savers and desktop backdrops; make the most of plug-ins, add-ons, and beef-ups; use AppleScript; and manage files with backups, CDs, and photo libraries.
  • iPhoto 5: The Missing Manual is a complete course in Macintosh digital photography.

    Praise for iPhoto 4: The Missing Manual:

    "There's a wealth of information in here--clearly explained and easily located--that makes iPhoto as useful as Apple hoped it would be. Not only does it teach you how to make better use of the program (it even has a menu-by-menu appendix so you can easily work through it with iPhoto open), it teaches you how to create content worthy of the program. Now, if I could just get my friends and coworkers to read it, they would finally quit bugging me."
    --Kirk Hiner,

    "If you're just starting out in digital photography or haven't used iPhoto 4 before (or both), you owe it to yourself to give this book serious consideration. I think the two D's [authors David Pogue and Derrick Story] can be proud of it."
    --George Carrington, ACT Apple Users Group (Australia)

    "More than even a tripod, Mac users with digital cameras need O'Reilly's newest Missing Manual covering iPhoto 4...Authors David Pogue and Derrick Story...walk users through each and every iPhoto wrinkle this reviewer knows--and some he didn't."
    --James Coates, "Chicago Tribune"

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    iPhoto 5: The Missing Manual
    David Pogue and Derrick Story
    ISBN: 0-596-10034-5, 388 pages, $29.95 US, $41.95 CA
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