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Press Release: May 7, 2007

O'Reilly Releases Programming Firefox: Building Applications in the Browser

Sebastopol, CA--Programming Firefox (O'Reilly, US $59.99) is the essential guide to building user interfaces and rich internet applications using the Cross Platform Component (XPCOM) library from the Mozilla Foundation. In this work, author Kenneth Feldt applies his years of experience in XUL development to give programmers a comprehensive look at XUL's capabilities, from simple interface design to complex multi-tier applications with real-time operations.

Programming Firefox serves as both a programmer's reference and an in-depth tutorial, so readers not only get a comprehensive look at XUL's capabilities, but also learn how to build a complete working application with XUL. Developers from Java and .NET environments will see how quickly large-scale applications can be constructed with XPCOM and XUL.

"The book is a practical, hands-on introduction to some of these evolving standards that allow developers to combine creativity with technology," notes Feldt. "'Programming Firefox' is less of a how-to book and more of a what-if exploration that encourages developers to push the envelope of the Internet experience." Feldt's book is ideal for the designer or developer charged with delivering innovative standards-based Internet applications.

Topics in the book include:

  • An overview of Firefox technology
  • An introduction to the graphical elements that compose a XUL application
  • Firefox development tools and the process used to design and build applications
  • Managing an application with multiple content areas
  • An introduction to Resource Description Files, and how the Firefox interface renders RDF
  • Manipulating XHTML with JavaScript
  • Displaying documents using the Scalable Vector Graphics standard and HTML Canvass
  • The XML Binding language and interface overlays to extend Firefox
  • Implementing the next-generation forms interface through XForms

"I hope this text will play a modest role in helping to educate application developers in how to use Mozilla technology--not for the sake of using a different technical platform, but to demonstrate what is possible when the collective knowledge of the international standards community finds its voice in the marketplace," says Feldt. "With such a diverse and creative pool of contributors, new Internet applications are possible that feature improvements in responsiveness, greater flexibility of interface design, and more expressive graphics."

Kenneth Feldt develops XUL-based solutions for Cholabris Workgroup Solutions. Ken's work experience involves electronic document production and distribution, electronic imaging, digital video workflow, and technical communications. Currently, Ken is focusing on the merger of publishing and messaging technologies, where he hopes XUL can deliver high-quality technologies to mathematics and science students.

Additional Resources:

More information about the book, including table of contents, index, author bio, and cover graphic

Programming Firefox
Kenneth C. Feldt
ISBN: 0-596-10243-7, 494 pages, Print: $59.99 US, $77.99 CA
1-800-998-9938; 1-707-827-7000

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