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March 30, 2011

David Pogue Releases Two New Missing Manuals


"Apple didn't fool around when it upgraded to the '11 versions of iPhoto and iMovie. These are high-octane upgrades with a lot of new features, some serious rejiggering of tools—but still, not a single page of printed instructions," notes David Pogue, New York Times tech columnist and creator of the Missing Manuals series. "What I think these programs really need is a full-color, witty, complete, plain-English, beautifully designed manual. Hmmm... who might be able to supply something like that? Indeed, we can."

Please email me if you wish to review iPhoto '11: The Missing Manual, First Edition by David Pogue and Lesa Snider or iMovie '11 & iDVD: The Missing Manual by David Pogue and Aaron Miller.

—Sara Peyton,

New Titles from O'Reilly

iPhoto '11: The Missing Manual
by David Pogue, Lesa Snider
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iPhoto '11 makes it easier than ever to transfer photos from a digital camera, organize them, and publish, print, or share them—but there's still no printed manual. The new version of iPhoto boasts loads of new features including easier ways to get your photos online and new options for creating printed projects. Fortunately, David Pogue and Lesa Snider team up in this funny, authoritative book that should have been in the box.

iMovie '11 & iDVD: The Missing Manual
by David Pogue, Aaron Miller
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With iMovie '11, fast, effortless editing has been pumped up with a roster of new, powerful features. Now you can create your own movie trailers, apply one-step effects like Instant Replay, and seamlessly upload your movies to sites like Vimeo, YouTube, and Facebook. But even with all the new features, iMovie still doesn't come with printed instructions. In this gorgeous, full-color book, award-winning author David Pogue and Aaron Miller provide a complete course in film editing and DVD design.

For a review copy or more information please email Please include your delivery address and contact information.

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