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Functional JavaScript

Introducing Functional Programming with Underscore.js

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How can you overcome JavaScript language oddities and unsafe features? With this book, you’ll learn how to create code that’s beautiful, safe, and simple to understand and test by using JavaScript’s functional programming support. Author Michael Fogus shows you how to apply functional-style concepts with Underscore.js, a JavaScript library that facilitates functional programming techniques.


On Jul 29 Nitin K Sookun wrote: Functional JavaScript by Michael Fogus
I started reading Functional JavaScript a few days back. It started with my quest for expanding knowledge of JavaScript and making out the most from the wonderful libraries/frameworks available on the web. The author, Michael Fogus, starts the book by giving a short introduction to Underscore.js which is a JavaScript… Full Review  >

Rating: StarStarStarStarStar4.0

On Jul 21 Przemysław Dąbek wrote: JavaScript more functional
Functional JavaScript is nice mindshift and exploration into functional world when reader can write software with elegant API using functional approach... Full Review  >

Rating: StarStarStarStarStar5.0

On Jul 17 Blaize Kaye wrote: Functional programming with JS and the underscore library.
In his new book, Fogus attempts the twofold task of introducing his audience to functional programming in general, and demonstrating how one can achieve a functional style using Javascript and the underscore.js library in particular. Full Review  >

Rating: StarStarStarStarStar4.0

On Jul 16 Rob Friesel wrote: the canonical text for applying functional programming to JS
Just like it says on the tin, Functional JavaScript is just that: a book about writing JavaScript in a functional style with Underscore.js as the foundational library to give you some of the higher-order functions you need to get started. What Fogus has written here is an outstanding introduction to functional programming as a style/paradigm, but he has also written what I consider to be the authoritative text on applying that style to JavaScript. Full Review  >

Rating: StarStarStarStarStar5.0

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