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Building Valve Amplifiers

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Building Valve Amplifiers is a unique hands-on guide for anyone working with tube audio equipment - as an electronics hobbyist, audiophile or audio engineer. This second edition builds on the success of the first with technology and technique revisions throughout and, significantly, a major new self-build project, worked through step-by-step, which puts into practice the principles and techniques introduced throughout the book.

Particular attention has been paid to answering questions commonly asked by newcomers to the world of the valve, whether audio enthusiasts tackling their first build, or more experienced amplifier designers seeking to learn about the design principles and trade-offs of ‘glass audio’. Safety considerations are always to the fore, and the practical side of this book is reinforced by numerous clear illustrations throughout.

Significantly larger than the first, this new edition adds:

  • More practical metalworking hints and tips
  • Greatly expanded and updated measurements chapter including cheap determination of passive component models for subsequent SPICE analysis.

• New: extended worked project chapter. Bulwer-Lytton 4W amplifier from start to finish, with copious photographs and explanations of why techniques were chosen.

  • The only hands-on approach to building vacuum tube amps - classic and modern - with a minimum of theory
  • Design, construction, fault-finding, and testing are all illustrated by step-by-step examples, enabling readers to clearly understand the content and succeed in their own projects
  • Second edition includes a complete self-build amplifier project, putting into practice the key techniques introduced through the book


On Jan 15 Burke Ingraffia wrote: Good Book For Electrical Engineer
Building Valve Amplifiers, by Morgan Jones, is probably very informative and useful to someone with a background in electrical engineering. However, I am just a musician who thought it might be a good tool for my informational toolbelt. I do not have the mathematical or wiring background to make any use of this otherwise well-written book. Full Review  >

Rating: StarStarStarStarStar3.0

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