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Concurrent Programming in Mac OS X and iOS

Unleash Multicore Performance with Grand Central Dispatch

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Wouldn't it be great to take advantage of multicore processors without having to manage threads? This concise book shows you how to use Apple's Grand Central Dispatch (GCD) to simplify programming for multiple cores on iOS devices and Mac OS X. If you know how to program with Cocoa or Cocoa Touch, this guide will get you started with GCD right away, with many examples to help you write high-performing multithreaded apps.


On Jul 13 Jose Betancur wrote: Small but enough
Don't think is a small book, Vandad gives you all the basic concepts, and show you how to use them in a clearly way than, is easy to learn and start building your own apps with multithread. Full Review  >

Rating: StarStarStarStarStar4.0

On Jun 23 Doron Katz wrote: Comprehensive and essential part of iOS to warrant a book on it's own
A very important topic in my opinion, whether you are working on the Mac or iOS platform, is grand central dispatch, understanding the mechanics of queue marshalling and this book does the trick. It's short in size, but with iOS4 and Blocks, it makes working with something on the main thread, on a split thread, more comprehensible, and the author provides concrete examples on how to utilise them, but it's definitely not for the novice developers. But for efficiently tweaking your code, for an intermediate developer, this book is a must, and I am a fan of Nahavandipoor, having read his previous book on Graphics. But I am happy with content level, I perhaps would keep this book as a reference and then dig deeper into it later, and even though I am primarily iOS (not Mac OSX) developer, it is good to understand how the principles work in iOS's cousin, the desktop OS. Full Review  >

Rating: StarStarStarStarStar4.0

On Jun 8 Michal Konrad Owsiak wrote: good introduction to queues- Objective-C
This book is really short one. But don’t be fooled by it’s size. In fact it’s very comprehensive. Full Review  >

Rating: StarStarStarStarStar4.0

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