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C.J. Date's Database Design and Relational Theory: Normal Forms and All That Jazz Master Class

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If you want to build databases that are robust, flexible, and accurate, you have to come to grips with design theory. But this theory is riddled with difficult terms and concepts that don’t seem to have much to do with design in practice. In this two-day master class, renowned expert C.J. Date bridges the gap by introducing design theory in ways practitioners can understand. This painless introduction to design theory is for database professionals familiar with the relational model.


On Jun 24 Daniel Molnar wrote:
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Rating: StarStarStarStarStar1.0

On Jun 22 John Pertell wrote:
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Rating: StarStarStarStarStar5.0

On Jun 4 Michael Mueller wrote: Database Design and Relational Theory
First of all, the matter in hand is a pure video. No application to resume with the last seen, no electronic table of content, no electronic glossary. As the title says, the subject is database design and relational theory. Even though C. Date makes mention of practical usage, it's still theory. Such it addresses database professionals to enhance the practical knowledge with all the information needed to scale the next level Full Review  >

Rating: StarStarStarStarStar4.0

On May 18 Surachart Opun wrote: Great! Normal Forms Stuff
Nice... good information for Normal Forms, the Video quality is great. Some Idea for this video, It's easy, you can choose each topic you need to learn. In videos, You will learn a lot of idea. It's helpful to understand easy. Because you will be able to learn from examples in video and you can rewind again and again. Wow! that nice. Anyway, You can upload them to iPad/iPhone or etc. You can watch them while you are on the bus. If you are students? In Database course for College or University, I believe this video will help students for understand about Normalization and Relational concept... blah blah I don't see the reason what makes this video is useless. If you work in database career, or you are studying about Database Design ,Relational Theory or Normal Forms... and you are thinking to get some stuff about them, you should determine for this stuff. Full Review  >

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