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Values, Units, and Colors

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Nearly everything you do with CSS involves units for determining the look and formatting of your web page elements. With this concise guide, you’ll learn how to work with an array of units—including measurements and keywords—that help you define color, text, distance between elements, location of external files, and other values. This guide is an excerpt from the upcoming fourth edition of CSS: The Definitive Guide.


On Nov 25 Jim Schubert wrote: Excellent intro or review
I am reviewing "Values, Units, and Colors" as part of the O'Reilly Blogger Review program. I have had about a 6 month hiatus from full-time web development, so I thought I'd be able to offer a somewhat fresh perspective of this book's content. It's a short, quick read. It's also well-worth the price. There were quite a few things I didn't know (or hadn't considered), such as some odd behavior in older versions of Internet Explorer and certain times a value may mean something different depending on the order of values and keywords. Full Review  >

Rating: StarStarStarStarStar5.0

On Nov 12 Ish Ot Jr. wrote: Review: Values, Units, and Colors: Foundational CSS3 Components
Values, Units, and Colors is the third installment of Eric Meyer's partwork-style fourth edition of CSS: The Definitive Guide, previous editions of which are considered biblical by many. O'Reilly seems to be trending towards shorter publications lately – emphasizing timeliness, as technology continues to evolve at an ever-increasing pace – over more definitive tomes… Full Review  >

Rating: StarStarStarStarStar4.0

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