On Sep 13 Joyce Chan wrote:
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On Jul 26 Surachart Opun wrote: Learn from Velocity Conference 2011
Velocity 2011 included 68 inspiring sessions and workshops with the leading practitioners in the world of web ops. You will learn idea and watch about Operations, Web Performance, Velocity Culture, and Mobile Performance. You may curious how to improve your web speed up... make JavaScript fast, make Mobile Web & HTML5 Performance Optimization ...maybe you need to know idea Web Performance with Browsers (Chrome , Firefox , Internet Explorer and etc) , write NodeJS or using Apache Hadoop. These videos can help about it. Open your mind and get idea -) Full Review  >

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On Jul 25 Michal Konrad Owsiak wrote: Speed up? Yes, you can!
Velocity Conference 2011 is all about “web speed”. Speed in various contexts. How fast your page is loading, how to measure it, which tools to use in order to measure traffic, etc. Full Review  >

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