On Feb 12 Mat Powell wrote: PHP & MySQL : The Missing Manual
I’m a big fan of the Missing Manual series of books. Their information is (generally) straightfoward and workable. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of this book. This book was riddled with errors (unworkable code)—even in the authors digital download. The author also jumped around and sometimes talked about placing code in a particular place, but never actually told you where that place was. That being said, the book does attempt to give you a ground-up approach to building sites with PHP & MySQL, but with all of the coding errors and sporadic navigation this book simply fails to deliver. Full Review  >

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On Jan 14 Michael Lockwood wrote:
Full Review  >

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On Dec 18 David Briddock wrote: PHP & MySQL: The Missing Manual by Brett McLaughlin
Right from the start PHP & MySQL: The Missing Manual assumes the typical reader will have no knowledge of PHP or SQL. Instead it suggests they are likely to be an HTML, CSS and JavaScript programmer, wishing to explore server-side development. As such, at least a basic understanding of HTML is a prerequisite. Full Review  >

Rating: StarStarStarStarStar4.0

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