On Feb 16 DC Crowley wrote:
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On Nov 3 Todd Pigram wrote: Book Review - slide:ology The Art and Science of Creating Great Presentations
11/4/12 - slide:ology  by Nancy Duarteslide:ology The Art and Science of Creating Great Presentations is an awesome book.  This books covers everything that you need to transform you from a boring presenter to one that people want to listen to. It covers what color schemes to use, how to structure each slide, the correct amount of… Full Review  >

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On Aug 17 Gabriel Svennerberg wrote: Nice book, but doesn't live up to the hype
I think this is an OK book, which obviously a lot of work went in to creating. If you're a non-designer you will probably find useful information that will make your slides better. But if you're like me and have some experience in design and creating slides, you will find it very basic. That said you might still enjoy the design of the book and all the lovely examples in it. But I really recommend you get the physical book. I've read the e-book version (pdf) and it's really not adapted for the format. Full Review  >

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On Aug 15 Roy Legaard wrote: Occasionally gets lost in the clouds
Back in college I enjoyed reading Presentation Zen by Garr Reynolds, which provided a wealth of solid design and philosophical principles about making better presentations. With this initial foundation, Nancy Duarte’s slide:ology is a great complement, picking up where Presentation Zen left off and diving into the minutiae of what makes for a great presentation. Full Review  >

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On Jul 3 Michal Konrad Owsiak wrote: How to improve your slides
If you are looking for some guide on how to improve your presentations’ content, look no more. I think, this book is exactly what you are looking for. Full Review  >

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On Jun 18 Steve Treble wrote:
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On Jun 6 Jeffery Rine wrote:
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On Jun 5 Juan Jose de Leon wrote: Communicating Better
This book is about being a better visual communicator. If your looking for book a about PowerPoint look somewhere else. This is a great book about designing presentations for people without a graphic design background. Full Review  >

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