On Oct 2 Kees Dijk wrote:
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On May 2 Michiel van Otegem wrote: Good book for Microsoft Developers
If you're a developer using the Microsoft platform and want to learn Windows Azure development, Developing Applications for the Cloud on the Microsoft Windows Azure Platform (Patterns & Practices) is the book for you. It's a clear book which rides on a good practical case that covers most of the important angles. Because this is a Practice & Patterns book, it also spends quite some time teaching you the right mindset for building (multi-tenant) cloud applications. Full Review  >

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On Apr 13 Yousuf Tafhim wrote: Book Review: Developing Applications for the Cloud on the Microsoft® Windows Azure™ Platform
This book is the second volume in the series about Windows Azure technology. The first one can be found here. This book shows how one can create a multi-tenant, Software as a Service (SaaS) application, from scratch, using Windows Azure. This book is mainly for architects, developers (intermediate or advanced)… Full Review  >

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The Book of Audacity is a great book for anyone that wants to learn how to make full use of Audacity.
The Book of Audacity takes the best possible approach to learning how to use the… Full Review >

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