On Apr 5 Luis Antonio Galindo Castro wrote:
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On Aug 3 Shawn Day wrote: The De Facto Standard
This book takes the learner to a solid competence in PERL and a stage to carry out many useful tasks is areas such as text processing or database manipulation. It will be useful to those with no programming experience and a need to carry out automated tasks for their own use as well as people familiar with Python or PHP requiring a rapid introduction to a different approach to similar programmatic structures. Full Review  >

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On Jul 3 John Brady wrote: Learning Perl, 6th Edition
Learning Perl, 6th Edition is an update to the classic beginner's text for the Perl language. Perl version 5.14 features are introduced, although older versions of Perl will suffice for most of the content. The book is intended to introduce the basic elements of Perl in a tutorial fashion. It does not teach programming, and... Full Review  >

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On Jul 1 Surachart Opun wrote: The best way to learn Perl programming
If You are looking for the best way or some books with Perl programming language. If you are looking for what book as tutorial for you. You should read this book before. It is written by someone who have many experiences on Perl Programming and Perl Contribution. On this book (sixth edition). I believe time be able to guarantee quality of book. Full Review  >

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This book is an introductory book. Lots of examples and practice exercises. The beauty of… Full Review >

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