On Apr 13 DC Crowley wrote:
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On Mar 9 Kevin Shockey wrote: "Every Book Is a Startup" by Todd Sattersten; O'Reilly Media
In this publishing experiment, author Todd Sattersten compares the process of publishing a book to the process of starting a new company. In both situations, the author (or founder), makes a series of assumptions that guides their efforts to deliver a book (product) that consumers want.  "Every Book Is a… Full Review  >

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On Nov 30 Renee Shelton wrote:
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On Aug 25 Diego Gonzalez wrote: Every Book Is a Startup por Todd Sattersten. O’Reilly Media (Reseña)
En algunos meses está obra será un texto imprescindible para quienes quieren iniciarse o continuar en el negocio editorial en el siglo XXI. Todd Sattersten propone aplicar técnicas de probado éxito en las empresas tecnológicas al negocio de las publicaciones. El problema es que los dos capítulos publicados no hacen… Full Review  >

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