On May 13 Bruce Bergman wrote:
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On Nov 28 Constantin Drabo wrote: "Learning Rails 3" by Simon St. Laurent, Edd Dumbill, Eric J. Gruber; O'Reilly Media
The authors did their best to offer to reader, even a newbie, an excellent tool to help him building a solid RoR based application. Full Review  >

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On Nov 13 Jason Armstrong wrote: Review: Learning Rails 3
Learning Rails 3 by Simon St. Laurent, Edd Dumbill, and Eric J Gruber (O’Reilly Media) is a great opening guide for developers that are new to Ruby on Rails development. The book does assume some basic background from the reader … Continue reading → Full Review  >

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On Aug 26 Przemysław Dąbek wrote: Really, really good book
I was very curious about this book when came out. I like the way authors present material in book. First, they show bigger picture and step-by-step explain it in details... Full Review  >

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"Inside Windows Debugging: Practical Debugging and Tracing Strategies" by Tarik Soulami; O'Reilly Media;) This book… Full Review >

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