On Oct 25 Michele Milesi wrote: A good starting book about big data tools
This book is good starting point to who have to deal with big data, with more than sixty tools described in less than fifty pages. As a glossary is supposed to be, each term, or tool, is not described in deep, but the book reports some hints about similar tools and suggests when you may found useful explore that tool. Full Review  >

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On Oct 25 Shawn Day wrote: High Level Overview with Deep Appreciation
The *Big* Data Gloss­ary is actu­ally a rel­at­ively *short* book, best enjoyed as an eBook in my estim­a­tion. This volume is sim­ilar to a num­ber of recent releases from O’Reilly that have moved from being deep and com­pre­hens­ive to provid­ing a higher-level taste-test over­view from a more con­cep­tual stand­point. In this instance, the Big Data Gloss­ary by Pete Warden could also be described as an annot­ated bib­li­o­graphy of the vari­ety of tools and plat­forms recently emerged to work with linked data or large and rich datasets. Full Review  >

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