On Nov 13 Chris Harback wrote: “Learning Web Design” by Jennifer Niederst Robbins; O’Reilly Media
Trying to learn how to write a Web site from scratch? If you’re just looking around online for how to do it, good luck! It’s not as simple as it might seem to learn about HTML, CSS, and Javascript. That’s where Jennifer Niederst Robbins’s book, Learning Web Design: A Beginner’s… Full Review  >

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On Oct 8 Ryan Holman wrote: Book Review – Learning Web Design, 4th Edition (O’Reilly) by Jennifer Niederst Robbins
Designing web sites requires a number of skills, including marking up the content in HTML and styling the pages in CSS. Learning Web Design covers the latest advancements in HTML5 and CSS3 as well as some JavaScript basics to create … Continue reading → Full Review  >

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Python and games development for kids
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