On May 31 Doron Katz wrote: Your springboard for the curious-minded
A smorgasbord cookbook of recipes to help you get the most of your mac, Mac Hacks helps the novice-to-middle level users tweak their machines to be more automative, customised to his or her needs. Chris Seibold adds that link for the average user, to become more of a power-user, and inspire the reader to look beyond the book for similar hacks, in quest of his or her environment-setup utopia. The book starts by encouraging the user to backup his or her computer, because as you know, hacks don't always turn out the way they should, so protecting one's computer and being able to revert to the initial state is ideal. So okay, having done that, the user also provides information on creating a flash backup and various other handy utility tricks, to get your computer and your account manageable. Full Review  >

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On May 9 Dylan Scott wrote: Mostly for Causal Users
Chris Seibold covers some interesting topics in this work. I agree with other reviews that I have seen in that potential buyers need to look at the Table of Contents and see the list of projects and if they are interesting enough for one to purchase. Full Review  >

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On Apr 14 David Hayden wrote: Something for Everyone
If you are new to OS X and looking for ways to better understand and control your Mac, you will enjoy the book. I really liked the security- and network-related hacks covered in Mountain Lion Hacks, Lock Down that Mac, and Networking Hacks. Check out the list of the hacks in the table of contents to see if you are interested in the content. Full Review  >

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