On Feb 21 Michal Konrad Owsiak wrote: Right explanation of complex things
This is yet another book from C.J. Date on the relational theory. This time, C.J. takes you on the journey of View updates. The topic is controversial as this is not that obvious whether it is possible to perform view updates or not. Full Review  >

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On Jan 28 Surachart Opun wrote: Don't miss it - View Updating and Relational Theory
It is very intense the Relational Theory book. It is useful for anyone interest in the relational model, relational technology or database system in general. For reader who is beginner with them you should read and know about relations, attributes, and tuples before. Everything in book perfects; example in a book, paragraph, page and etc. Point of view: You can use this book for study in College and reference. Full Review  >

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