On May 2 Will Kelly wrote: Book Review: Take Control of BBEdit
I rank BBEdit as one of those applications that few mortals ever get to make really hum. It has many features under the hood that go underutilized or completely forgotten. Take Control of BBEdit by Glenn Fleishman dives into this complex application. Full Review  >

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On Apr 4 Shawn Day wrote: Solid Instruction and Power Tips
This is a great book for novices and experts alike and is guar­an­teed to help you get more out of what is a cru­cial pro­gramme in the OSX arsenal. It is concise and well directed offering solid advice and thorough and well constructed instruction. I engaged with it because I didn't feel that I was using BBEdit to its potential, but after reading Fleishman's book I have a far greater sense of how to make use of BBEdit's powerful features for document comparison and manipulation as well as using its project management components to manage text assets. Full Review  >

Rating: StarStarStarStarStar5.0

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