On Sep 11 Christopher Maneu wrote:
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On Aug 17 Charles Bess wrote: Make it so is on target for those interested in design,
Make it so is a book that looks at design and the related issues, using examples based on science fiction TV shows and movies. It is a great book to read and reference if you have strong interest in both areas. If your primary interest is science fiction and would like to understand the constraints the prop designers need to live within, it is interesting and entertaining. The book does delve into a level of detail that those with only a cursory interest in design will find tedious, at times. Full Review  >

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On Nov 26 Cerys Willoughby wrote:
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On Oct 22 Ryan Holman wrote: Book Review – Make It So (Rosenfeld Media) by Nathan Shedroff and Christopher Noessel
Science fiction shows us potential futures filled with technological marvels limited only by our imaginations. So how can we learn from the way characters interact with technology on television and in the movies to make interfaces that work in reality?†Make … Continue reading → Full Review  >

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