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http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/matt_nish-lapidus-50.jpgMatt Nish-Lapidus

Designing The Programmable World

By Matt Nish-Lapidus | March 24, 2015
This webcast will examine different aspects and perspectives on the networked world, and specifically how designers play a part in shaping it.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/laura_klein-50.jpgLaura Klein

Qualitative vs. Quantitative: Using Better Data to Improve Performance and Design

By Laura Klein | March 11, 2015
Join us to learn a step-by-step process for using both metrics and interviewing to discover problems with your product and find effective solutions.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/indi_young-50.jpgIndi Young

Balancing Science with Person-Focused Research

By Indi Young | March 10, 2015
In this webcast you will learn the valuable way to practice empathy, and it goes far beyond being a hot buzzword.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/jeff_gothel-50.jpgJeff Gothelf

Lean UX: Aligning Business, Design, and Technology

By Jeff Gothelf | March 10, 2015
Jeff Gothelf, author of Lean UX, will share his points of view on how pragmatism anchored in your organization's unique reality trumps the purity of process doctrine. Jeff's talk will be followed by a moderated Q&A session.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/lisa_welchman-50.jpgLisa Welchman

Managing Chaos: Digital Governance by Design

By Lisa Welchman | February 26, 2015
In this webcast, you will learn: the basic definition of digital governance, the four steps involved in designing a digital governance framework, and good practices for digital team structure.

Designing Voice Interfaces

By Tanya Kraljic, Timothy Lynch | February 26, 2015
This webcast led by Tanya Krajlic and Timothy Lynch will address the technical building blocks of, and the fundamental design considerations behind voice interfaces.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/christian_manzella-50.jpgChristian Manzella

Managing the UX Team: Learning How to Learn Again

By Christian Manzella | February 05, 2015
This webcast talk is designed to provide information for beginning managers and individual contributors who are looking at getting into management.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/jaime_levy-50.jpgJaime Levy

What the Hell is UX Strategy?!

By Jaime Levy | February 04, 2015
In this webcast, Jaime Levy, author of UX Strategy will demystify a crucial practice that up until now has been overrun by highfalutin propaganda.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/jason_mark2-50.jpgJason Mark

5-Minute Lightning Critiques: Design for the Real World

By Jason Mark | January 15, 2015
In this live webcast watch as creative guru Jason Mark, co-founder of Gravity Switch, provides accessible, real-world advice to improve the visual design and usability of your projects.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/ayah_bdeir-50.jpgAyah Bdeir

The Internet as Material: Empowering the Next Phase of Connected Hardware Innovation

By Ayah Bdeir | January 14, 2015
In this webcast, Ayah Bdeir will talk about how we can democratize the Internet of Things and enable 8 year old kids, corporate executives and professional engineers alike to understand, recreate and most importantly innovate in their connected world...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/pamela_pavliscak-50.jpgPamela Pavliscak

Data-Informed Design

By Pamela Pavliscak | January 08, 2015
This webcast walks through how to identify the data that means the most to user experience and how to use it to make smart decisions about design.

Discussing Design: The Art of Critique

By Adam Connor, Aaron Irizarry | December 16, 2014
Adam Connor will describe how to give, receive, and act upon feedback while confidently guiding your projects through beneficial feedback loops.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/peter_morville-1.jpgPeter Morville

The Architecture of Understanding

By Peter Morville | November 18, 2014
Peter Morville draws from his new book, Intertwingled, to reveal how everything is connected from code to culture.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/laura_busche.jpgLaura Busche

Lean Branding: 15 Hacks to Create, Communicate & Sell Your Startup's Brand

By Laura Busche | November 07, 2014
In this webcast, Laura Busche, author of Lean Branding, will share 15 tactics to build your very own high-converting, dynamic brand.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/skip_allums-50.jpgSkip Allums

UX Design for Mobile Payment Experiences - Ten Tips and Tricks

By Skip Allums | October 15, 2014
In this webcast, we'll look at ten emerging UX design best practices for mobile payment interactions.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/rachel_hinman-50.jpgRachel Hinman

Our Wearable Future: Opportunities and Challenges for Wearable Technology

By Rachel Hinman | October 14, 2014
Want to get the most out of your usability testing? In this webcast we'll put the goals together with a recipe for planning a usability test, so you can mix your own.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/john_ferrara-50.jpgJohn Ferrara

Designing Effective Games to Do Awesome Things in the Real World

By John Ferrara | September 17, 2014
In this webcast talk led by John Ferrara, author of Playful Design, brings things back to the basics of good design practice, with an emphasis on how games themselves can create real value in the real world.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/hunter_whitney-50.jpgHunter Whitney

It's About Time: Using Temporal Visualization Techniques to Give Data More Meaning and Context

By Hunter Whitney | September 16, 2014
This webcast will include key ideas, techniques, and practical applications to represent and explore event sequences and their temporal patterns.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/jason_pamental.jpgJason Pamental

Responsive Typography: Design for Meaning, Not for Screen Size

By Jason Pamental | September 10, 2014
Responsive Typography is the notion that our type must move and change and adapt just as the rest of our designs do as users shift from device to desktop and beyond. In fact, it may have a bigger impact on readability and usability than any other aspect...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/whitney_quesenbery-50.jpgWhitney Quesenbery

What You Can Learn From a Usability Test

By Whitney Quesenbery | July 29, 2014
Want to get the most out of your usability testing? In this webcast we'll put the goals together with a recipe for planning a usability test, so you can mix your own.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/peter_jones-50.jpgPeter Jones

Design for Healthcare Service Systems

By Peter Jones | July 23, 2014
In this webcast, Peter Jones, author of the 2013 Rosenfeld book Design for Care: Innovating Healthcare Experience, will discuss using technology to help design new care delivery systems that address some of the other major issues in healthcare.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/debra_gelman-50.jpgDebra Gelman

Just Make It Fun: What Designing For Kids Can Teach Us About User Experience

By Debra Gelman | July 22, 2014
In this webcast presented by Deb Gelman author of Design for Kids, we will identify techniques from designing for kids that we can apply to adult audiences to increase satisfaction and engagement.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/kirsten_jones2-50.jpgKirsten Jones

Designing Irresistible APIs

By Kirsten Jones | June 19, 2014
In this webcast led by Kirsten Jones, you'll learn what you need to know to design, plan and execute a successful, engaging API and how to avoid common pitfalls.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/theresa_neil-50.jpgTheresa Neil

Rethinking Mobile Tutorials: Which Patterns Really Work?

By Theresa Neil | June 03, 2014
In this webcast, we'll look at why many common tutorial patterns are ineffective and how you can leverage game design principles to increase user engagement.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/michael_delgaudio2-50.jpgMichael DelGaudio

Understanding Human Motivation in the Age of Connected Machines

By Michael DelGaudio | May 01, 2014
In this webcast talk presented by Michael Delgaudio, we'll focus on why the human role is crucial in the Age of Connected Machines.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/carla_diana-50.jpgCarla Diana

Behind the Scenes of LEO the Maker Prince: Journeys in 3D Printing

By Carla Diana | April 30, 2014
Carla Diana will share research, inspiration and design work from the book, LEO the Maker Prince: Journeys in 3D Printing.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/50/dani_nordin-50.jpgDani Nordin

Better Drupal UX Design with Savvy User Research

By Dani Nordin | March 27, 2014
UX Designer and Drupal for Designers author Dani Nordin will share techniques she has used to help web teams uncover the true needs of their audience and create better projects.

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/weblogs/victor_lombardi-50.jpgVictor Lombardi

Why We Fail: Learning from Experience Design Failures

By Victor Lombardi | December 03, 2013
Victor Lombardi, author of Why We Fail, spent the past two years researching websites and consumer electronics that were successfully launched and hailed as great designs, but failed unexpectedly when people used them, such as Google Wave, Pownce, and...

http://cdn.oreillystatic.com/images/people/50/dani_nordin-50.jpgDani Nordin

Drupal for Designers: Talking to Clients about Drupal

By Dani Nordin | November 15, 2011
In this webcast, Dani Nordin, author of the Drupal for Designers series, will walk you through the process of working with clients through the Drupal design process.