Monitoring Taxonomy

Laying Out the Tools Landscape

Monitoring Taxonomy

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Choosing a monitoring tool can be a tedious exercise. Perhaps you need to inspect sFlow traffic. Or measure latency between worker threads and your kafka queue. Which tools are available for your specific task and how do you weigh the options? This free reference guide helps you categorize your problem and then presents a collection of tools that meet your needs.

Using a hierarchy, this ebook lets you quickly filter out tools that don’t apply. Do you want a hosted tool or to manage it onsite? Will it collect measurements or process them? What exactly do you want to monitor? Once you pin down the requirements, Monitoring Taxonomy takes you to the tools that match. This ebook describes 62 open source and commercial tools in eight different categories.

Monitoring cries out for a taxonomy system. While every other engineering discipline relies on rigid classification, "monitoring" has become a catchall for a wide range of tools and activities. This ebook helps overwhelmed operations engineers quickly narrow down the choices.

David Josephsen is an engineer on the Ops team at Librato. He is also a sometimes book-authoring blogger and purveyor of awkward conference talks. He has never lost a game of Calvinball.

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