What’s that animal on the front of your O’Reilly book? You’ll find it listed here.

The Animal Menagerie

Learn more about our animal magnetism in A short history of the O’Reilly animals and the O’Reilly Animals Project.

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Cloud Native Infrastructure

Andean Condor (bird)

Learning SQL

Andean Marsupial Tree Frog

Releasing HTML5 Games for Windows 8

Angler Fish (aka monkfish)

JUNOS Cookbook

Angora Goat

Programming Grails

Antarctic Giant Petrel aka Giant Fulmar (bird)

Perl 6 and Parrot Essentials

Aoudad, aka Barbary sheep

Computer Science & Perl Programming

Arabian Camel, aka Dromedary

Perl Pocket Reference

Arabian Camel, aka Dromedary

Perl in a Nutshell

Arabian Camel, aka Dromedary, Head

Linux in a Nutshell

Arabian Horse, spotted

What's New in Adobe AIR 3

Arched Duck, aka Whistling Duck

Doing Data Science

Armadillo, Nine-banded

Windows Me Annoyances

Asian Painted Frog (aka Chubby Frog)