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Infrastructure & Ops Superstream Series: Cloud Engineering for Operations

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What you’ll learn and how you can apply it

  • Understand how data works in the cloud
  • See what tools work best for cloud native CI/CD
  • Learn configuration management strategies to increase system robustness
  • Discover strategies to help ensure a successful cloud native transformation
  • Explore secret change management techniques and tools

This course is for you because…

  • You’re a developer looking to better understand the skills needed to work on infrastructure in the cloud.
  • You want to better understand cloud providers and security options.
  • You work in a cloud native environment and want to understand how CI/CD tools work best with this extra complexity.
  • You want to learn more about testing and automation in the cloud.


  • Come with your questions
  • Have a pen and paper handy to capture notes, insights, and inspiration

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The timeframes are only estimates and may vary according to how the class is progressing.


Sam Newman: Introduction (5 minutes) - 7:00am PT | 10:00am ET | 2:00pm UTC/GMT

  • Sam Newman welcomes you to the Infrastructure & Ops Superstream.

Bryan Liles: Meet the Expert (55 minutes) - 7:05am PT | 10:05am ET | 2:05pm UTC/GMT

  • VMware’s Bryan Liles recounts some of the challenges faced during his career and sheds light on the things that worked well and those that didn’t.
  • Bryan Liles is a principal engineer at VMware. He leads the Developer Experience Group, which creates solutions to help developers be more productive in Kubernetes. When not working, Bryan builds and races cars and drones.
  • Break (10 minutes)

Ryn Daniels: Untitled Config Game (40 minutes) - 8:10am PT | 11:10am ET | 3:10pm UTC/GMT

  • It’s a lovely morning in the data center, and you’re a horrible ~goose~ DevOps engineer. What sorts of trouble can you cause? For years, configuration management has been touted as a way of guarding against the fragility that comes from having humans configure things manually, but it isn’t a complete safeguard against things going wrong. Join Ryn Daniels to explore the evolution of configuration management strategies used by operators to increase system robustness. They’ll also share stories about the ways that even mature management practices can fail and discuss the underlying problem from a human factors and resilience engineering perspective—along with ways to further increase the reliability of your tools (and how those tools may keep evolving).
  • Ryn Daniels is a staff site reliability engiqueer who got their start in programming with TI-80 calculators back when GeoCities was still cool. Their work has focused on infrastructure operability, sustainable on-call practices, and the design of effective and empathetic engineering cultures. They’re the coauthor of O’Reilly’s Effective DevOps and have spoken at numerous industry conferences on DevOps engineering and culture topics. Ryn lives in Berlin, Germany, with a perfectly reasonable number of cats and in their spare time can often be found powerlifting, playing cello, or handcrafting knitted server koozies for the data center.
  • Break (10 minutes)

Pini Reznik: Patterns for a Successful Cloud Native Transformation (50 minutes) - 9:00am PT | 12:00pm ET | 4:00pm UTC/GMT

  • There’s a great deal of talk about the crucial role culture plays in a successful cloud native transformation. But what does that really mean, and why is it so important? Cloud native is more than a toolset. It’s a full architecture, a philosophical approach for building applications that take full advantage of cloud computing. Drawing on decades of personal experience, Pini Reznik outlines the differences between waterfall, Agile, and cloud native approaches, then proposes a pattern language with transformation designs that may lead to a successful adoption of the cloud native approach.
  • Pini Reznik is the cofounder and CRO at Container Solutions, a consultancy that’s helping companies successfully adopt cloud native technologies and practices. In the company’s six years of existence, they've participated in and led dozens of cloud native transformations, gaining extensive hands-on experience in both the technical and organizational aspects of the transformation in the process.
  • Break (10 minutes)

Emmanuel Apau: Application Secret Management with AWS (50 minutes) - 10:00am PT | 1:00pm ET | 5:00pm UTC/GMT

  • Join Emmanuel Apau to learn best practices for secret management in the cloud. You’ll learn the importance of secrets management, how to work with infrastructure and application integration points, and the finer points of secret change management and auditing. You’ll then dive into a demo in AWS and see how Parameter Store differs from Secret Manager.
  • Emmanuel Apau is CTO of the consulting firm and cofounder of the Black Code Collective. He’s also been recognized as one of DC's RealLIST Engineers. Emmanuel is an AWS Certified DevOps specialist with 10 years of experience developing innovative automation solutions for clients using DevOps and site reliability best practices with Python. His experience covers both the public and private sectors, providing services that engage Agile best practices, scalable cloud architectures, and modern continuous integration and deployment standards.

Sam Newman: Closing Remarks (10 minutes) - 10:50am PT | 1:50pm ET | 5:50pm UTC/GMT

  • Sam Newman closes out today’s event

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Your Host

  • Sam Newman

    After spending time at multiple startups and 12 years at ThoughtWorks, Sam Newman is now an independent consultant. Specializing in microservices, cloud, and continuous delivery, Sam helps clients deliver software faster and more reliably through training and consulting. An experienced speaker, Sam has given talks at conferences across the world and is the author of Building Microservices and Monolith to Microservices, both from O'Reilly.

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