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Page 16
the note at the end of the page

No ebook study guide for the MCTS exam will be published. Please remove all the sentences after the first sentence in the note.

Bonnie Biafore
Bonnie Biafore
Apr 20, 2011 
Page 74
Item number 3, first paragraph, second line

The text says, "It also shows up in the Gantt chart above the task's task bar ..." Shouldn't above" should be "next to"? The resource name appaers next to the task bar, as shown in Figure 3-9 and in the description accompanying Figure 309.

Note from the Author or Editor:
"above" should be "next to"

Rose Aquila  Dec 02, 2010 
Page 88
Power User's Clinic

The paragraph entitled 'Displaying a WBS in a Hierarchy' references the "WBS Modeler" and that it is for Visio Professional (2007 or 2010). This is incorrect... it does NOT work if you are using Project 2010. In fact you will wind up with a disk problem... but chkdsk will not be able to run if you download this utility. You will have remove it manually, if you can find it.

Note from the Author or Editor:
In the sidebar on page 88, delete the second paragraph that talks about the Visio WBS Modeler. Then in the next paragraph, delete the word "also".

Tom Bonadio  Sep 22, 2010 
Page 110
Figure 5-2

In Figure 5-2, the "Work packages" filter is shown with "Duration does not equal 0d". However, if you have created your tasks as manually scheduled, then all of the work package tasks will have a duration that evaluated to "0d" (even though they show as blank). This is problematic since the supposed reason the user is exporting the spreadsheet is to get estimates from team members. Changing the filter to "Scheduled Duration does not equal 0d" fixes the problem--all Milestones will have Scheduled Duration of 0d, and all work packages will have 1d.

Note from the Author or Editor:
Should be Scheduled Duration, not Duration

Owen Magee  Nov 15, 2012 
Page 220
Table 9-1

Why are the lines 4 and 6 identical in Table 9.1? (Duration: "Your input", Work: "Project calculates", Units: "If blank, Project uses 100% of Max. Units")

Note from the Author or Editor:
In row 6, the Duration cell should say If blank, Project uses 1 day duration. The Units cell should be Your input

Anonymous  Dec 30, 2012 
Page 224
Table 9-2. Fixed durationtask type, effort-driven schedulign turned on

The table indicates that for a fixed duration task adding a resource when effort-driven sceduling is truned on causes the units to decrease for each resource. However, when I try this, the work changes for each resource and the units stay the same. Do you know why?

Note from the Author or Editor:
When editing a task that already has work completed, Project keeps track of another field called peak units. So, it now remembers the original assigned units for the task as well as higher units to complete the task in the timeframe.

Philly Rose  Dec 22, 2010 
Page 410-411
3rd bullet.

The author mentions errata correcting third bullet from the bottom on page 410. In my book, that is page 411. isbn:978-1-449-38195-0 Easily found. Thanks.

Note from the Author or Editor:
yes indeed, it is on page 411

Anonymous  Jul 25, 2011 
Page 411
3rd bullet from bottom of page

The Show slack bullet point says to turn on the Critical Tasks checkbox. It should say "turn on the Slack checkbox"

Bonnie Biafore
Bonnie Biafore
Jan 04, 2011 
Other Digital Version
Kindle location 11650

Paragraph beginning "To use Physical % Complete..." 3rd sentence should begin 'Under "Earned Value options for this project"...' instead of 'Under "Calculation options for this project"...'

Note from the Author or Editor:
This is the last paragraph on page 427 of hte print book. The third sentence should start: Under "Earned Value options for this project" instead of 'Under "Calculation options for this project"...'

Darin Davis  Nov 13, 2012