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Page xi
4th paragraph

Suggest changing "presents useful ways to get things done for iOS programmers ranging from novices to experts" to "presents useful ways to get things done for intermediate to expert iOS programmers"

Brian Jepson
Brian Jepson
Mar 14, 2011 
Page many
All iPad figures of chapter 3

The figures with iPad table views in chapter 3 are so small, that they are useless. A serious problem.

Note from the Author or Editor:
I agree with this.

Cornelis van der Bent  Apr 14, 2011 
Page 22
Tray implementation

- (id) initWithOwnerDevice:(id<TrayProtocol>)paramOwnerDevice { } self = [super init]; if (self != nil){ ownerDevice = [paramOwnerDevice retain]; /* Initially we have only 10 sheets of paper */ paperCount = 10; } return(self); Shouldn't the tray just assign the owner and not retain it? if (self != nil){ ownerDevice = paramOwnerDevice; }

Note from the Author or Editor:
Hi Thomas, I had a look at the code. The .h file declares the delegate like this: @property (nonatomic, retain) id<TrayProtocol> ownerDevice; Which is the issue as I can see because the owner retains the tray and tray retains the owner. You are right, this is problematic and should have actually been avoided. Thank you for submitting this. Regards, Vandad

Thomas Ferguson  Mar 08, 2011