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Printed, PDF, Safari Books Online
Page 47
1st paragraph

There's no mention of having to do a "npm install ejs" to install EJS. Not a huge issue, but this early in the book a reminder would be nice.

Note from the Author or Editor:
This is a valid point. Any templating framework you use with Express will need to be installed before it is used.

Anonymous  May 29, 2012 
Printed, PDF, Safari Books Online
Page 63
example 4-10

As in example 4-9, the definition of the opts object in example 4-10 is missing a comma after the value for host. It should read: var opts = { host: '', port: 80, path: '/', method: 'GET' };

Note from the Author or Editor:
This example is missing a comma. One simply needs to be added as indicated.

Maurice Rickard  May 22, 2012 
PDF, Other Digital Version
Page 275
Example 7-11

In example 7-11 the index.jade should be: title= pageTitle not title =pageTitle The equals should be on the

Note from the Author or Editor:
This is correct, the equality symbol should be on the left, attached to the tags (title), in order to buffer 'pageTitle' for output. Should be title= pageTitle not title =pageTitle

Jamie Rytlewski  Jun 18, 2012