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United Kingdom

It is a shame that there has been no response to question about the missing data that is supposed to go with this book - see Jun 11, 2015.

Note from the Author or Editor:
The code is available here:

We apologize for the long response time. --O'Reilly

Richard Leeds  Oct 03, 2015 
Within the Preface in subtopic "Using Code Examples" 1st Paragraph

Within the Preface in subtopic "Using Code Examples" the first paragraph tells us:

"All of the scripts and programs shown in the book are available for you to easily copy and modify for your own use. They can be found on the Web at

Following this link shows that the domain seems to have been since abandoned.

The availability of additional supplemental files at is further indicated in numerous additional places throughout the book.

This is implicitly noted in the errata posted by reader/commentator Lee Nash on Apr 17, 2017 in respect of an inability to access the indicated files as shown at page 70 of the print edition.

The loss of the downloadable material is also noted by Leisa Zuccolotto on Mar 29, 2018 in respect of a mention at Page 119. The Editor's Note to that errata seems to suggest that the loss of the support pages is known to the author and to O'Reilly.

Some remembrance of the previous text of the supplemental files page for the book can be found at at:[http]://

However, it does not appear that the data files are archived at the Wayback Machine.

The indicated link was memorialized on 21 Oct 2017 at:[http]://

The metrics of the page as shown at the site suggest that there was very little traffic at the Supplemental support site.

However, it seems to me to be exceptionally bad practice to take down a supplemental support site of this sort within a few years of the publication of a book of this sort.

While I am unsure as to the extent to which will archive linked data files from an archived page, even if nominated, at a minimum I would think that a publisher ought to keep support files up for five to ten years from the publication date and ought to make an effort to memorialize as much as possible at before pulling a support site down.

Archival of pages at is accomplished by nominating a page from (use "Save Page Now").

Note from the Author or Editor:
The code is available at

We apologize for the long response time. --O'Reilly

William A. Roper, Jr.  Apr 17, 2018 
Page xxii
First Paragraph

Those looking for sample code will find it here:

Lawrence Hassall  Nov 17, 2018