Designing for Behavior Change

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Page v
United States

Under "Behavior Plan? User Stories?", typo:

They are defined them in the text, and in a quick-reference Glossary page.

Should be:

They are defined n the text, ....

Note from the Author or Editor:
This has been fixed in the full release of the book

Anonymous  Jul 01, 2013  Oct 21, 2013
Page viii
United States

The text says:

.... Both groups of behaviors (and products that work with them) can use this method:

1. behaviors that users want to change is within their daily lives; and
2. behaviors within the product itself that are part of using the product.

Should these be:

1. behaviors that users want to change within their daily lives; and
2. behaviors that are part of the product itself, which users want to adopt.

Anonymous  Jul 02, 2013  Oct 21, 2013