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O'Reilly Media, Inc.
Dec 16, 2014  Dec 16, 2014
Page 1

I am seeing the same formatting error as Piotr Zygielo, but it occurs for me on approx every other page. I am using an iPhone 5 w/iBook. Lines that are affected always include some pre-formatted (fixed-width) text towards the end of the line, and often includes multiple spans of pre-formatter text. The iBook page layout algorithm doesn't know how to break these lines up apparently. In many cases, large chunks of text can go missing with no easy way (re-orienting screen, making font smaller) to recover that text.

Note from the Author or Editor:
I've asked the person reporting the bug to get in touch with me with more details.

Don Goodman-Wilson  Jun 22, 2015  Jun 30, 2015
Page 21
Paragraphs 3-5

Two C++98 initializations are shown:

int x1 = 27;
int x2(27);

followed by two that are enabled by C++11's support for uniform initialization:

int x3 = { 27 };
int x4{ 27 };

But in fact the x3 declaration is permitted in C++98 (and in C90, C99, and C11).

ISO C++98 standard, 8.5 [dcl.init] paragraph 13:

If T is a scalar type, then a declaration of the form
T x = { a };
is equivalent to
T x = a;

Keith Thompson  Sep 27, 2019 
Page 257
2nd paragraph

isappropriate -> is appropriate

Dainis Jonitis  Nov 19, 2014  Dec 12, 2014
Page 8526
1st full par, starting with "If f runs concurrently..."

This paragraph in May version of book is not displayed correctly. Depending on screen orientation and font size different parts are missing, text doesn't flow freely, and doesn't fit screen. Paragraph ends with words: "if f is deferred, fut.wati_for will"

It is not observed in April revision.

Kindle version: 3.4.1

Note from the Author or Editor:
Thanks for reporting this issue. We'll get it fixed.

Piotr Zygielo  May 23, 2015  Jun 30, 2015