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Throughout the book
as of 2017 Jan<what_ever><what_ever>



Anonymous  Jan 20, 2017 
Page 13
Entire section

The description for Docker on Windows refers to the deprecated Boot2Docker installer. Docker client, since 1.6, has been native to Windows. While Docker Machine using Hyper-V (or Virtualbox) is the recommended way of starting a boot2docker VM on the local machine.

Updated install instructions are at

Note from the Author or Editor:
Hi Ross,

I struggled to get docker-machine working with Hyper-V. There are some open bugs about it on github. At least for Windows 8.1 it was buggy. So I opted not to cover the docker-machine hyper-v driver.

I covered the Docker toolbox in a different recipes about OS X and mentioned this is the recommended way for Windows as well. The toolbox was released ~2 weeks ago with Docker 1.8.

Boot2docker still works even though it is not the recommended install. As you know the docker toolbox still uses the boot2docker VM running in virtual box.

I will see how I can make things clearer and cover toolbox for Windows.

Thanks much for submitting an errata,


Ross Gardler  Aug 23, 2015  Nov 02, 2015
Page 40
Second paragraph

In the Discussion section of "Publishing your image to Docker hub".

Typo: "This recipes" should be "This recipe".

In fact, the sentence might be better reworded as "This recipe introduced two new docker CLI commands...".

Note from the Author or Editor:
Thanks for the errata, this is now corrected.

Be assured that O'Reilly does a thorough spell check, grammar review etc before publication.



James Bostock  Jul 22, 2015  Nov 02, 2015
Page 42
Last paragraph

The text reads "And if you want to add a tag manuall send...". "manuall" should be "manually".

Note from the Author or Editor:
Thanks for this,

It had been corrected in the latest update. But I just made sure this was corrected.



James Bostock  Jul 22, 2015  Nov 02, 2015
Page 47
Paragraph below Figure 2.1

The text says:

"If you want to have private repistories, you will need to pay a subscription."

(Side note: repositories is spelt incorrectly in the above sentence)

However, the Docker Hub documentation at says:

"You get one private repository for free with your Docker Hub account"

I've created a free account and I was able to create one private repository.

Note from the Author or Editor:
Good catch, thanks. Corrected and will be available in next update.

Anonymous  Apr 22, 2015  Nov 02, 2015
Page 49
Last paragraph

The text says:

"There is one more that is worht noting in terms of image "

Worth is spelt incorrectly.

Note from the Author or Editor:
Good catch, thanks. Corrected.

Anonymous  Apr 22, 2015  Nov 02, 2015
Page 52
problem para

puppet link is NOT



Note from the Author or Editor:
You are correct, the mistake is in the printed copy. It has been fixed in the ebook, but since there has not been an update to the printed copy, it is still there sadly.

Thanks for reporting the issue and apologies for the error,

Anonymous  Jan 20, 2017 
Page 59
Section 'See also', first bullet line

The line:
• Understanding the ONBUILD directive
links to the url
which is a suspended ghost account hence getting redirected to

Note from the Author or Editor:
Thanks for catching this, you are correct.

The URL in questioned is not available anymore, I just decided to remove the reference in the *See also* section.

Gopal Ramachandran  Dec 28, 2015  Oct 14, 2016
Page 72
2nd code block

In the 1st line of the 2nd code block from page 72 there's a typo on the command line:

Originally it's:
$ docker build -t flask

Must have a final dot
$ docker build -t flask .

In the same page in the 3rd code block there's another mistake, the line code is:

$ curl

And must be:

$ curl

Note from the Author or Editor:
Hi, I fixed this in atlas directly.

"minor mistake in build instructions and url in recipe 2.4"

commit 57329f2a93d98be0d9049d40ecd434a608e7397e

CDmon  Dec 10, 2015  Oct 14, 2016
Page 105
First line on this page

I am currently using docker version 1.9.1

when I type the following:
docker service ls

I get the following:
docker: 'service' is not a docker command.
See 'docker --help'.

It seems like you are using 1.9.0-dev in that example. Not sure if that was a proper command in 1.9.0 and not in 1.9.1

Note from the Author or Editor:
Correct, I need to update it.

Anonymous  Jan 13, 2016 
Page 129
Third paragraph

The overlay filesystem is available in the Linux kernel starting with 3.18. Therefore to switch storage backends, you first need to upgrade ( the kernel of your machine to 3.8 and restart.

Note: In the above paragraph, 3.8 should be 3.18 - This is a typo

Note from the Author or Editor:
Thank you for catching this.

note: "Corrected typo in kernel version in recipe 4.12"

Anonymous  Jan 13, 2016  Oct 14, 2016
Page 130
Warning or Caution section.

You clearly mention that the AUFS storage backend is available for 3.13-3.16 kernels, especially on Ubuntu systems. Overlay is now in the upstream kernel starting with 3.18, and AUFS is not available. Consider switching to Overlay. -----

I am clear about this here. But in the Docker web site, they recommend using the AUFS storage driver only. Is there any reason for this. I have been using devicemapper on my kernel version 3.14.58 without any issues. I am assuming that should be fine at least for the proof of concept purposes. Am I correct in making this assumption?

Thank you.

Note from the Author or Editor:
Hi, you are correct you can use device mapper for proof of concept. It works.
However the latest installation procedures from docker use aufs by default and device mapper is not recommended for production. If you start lots of containers, delete them etc, you might start to see some issues which are inherent to device mapper.

So the bottom line is that Docker now recommends AUFS, and that's what you get by default from . However in newer kernels 3.18+ AUFS is not there anymore and overlayFS is the default. It seems to gain traction and gives better performance. Hence, you can see a future where OverlayFS may become the recommended storage driver, that's why I recommended using it.

Anonymous  Jan 13, 2016 
Page 145

"“Discussion on etcd is currently outside the scope of this cookbook. CoreOS provides a convenience etcd based discovery service to help with bootstrapping your CoreOS cluster. This is used in this Vagrant setup. This is not recommended in production.”

Excerpt From: Sébastien Goasguen. “Docker Cookbook.” iBooks.

It would be helpful to explain why this isn't recommended.

Note from the Author or Editor:
I will clarify the statement, and mention that the discovery service might be unresponsive without notice.

Kevin McFadden  Feb 22, 2015  Nov 02, 2015