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Printed, ePub
Page 251
Bullet point 4

There is a weird ongoing typo where text is replaced with numbers. In the bullet point referenced, the number 0 appears. In appendix A (page 310), under import statements, the book says that "Groovy automatically imports 0, 1, and 2." In the epub, the numbers are always printed with dashes as in "Groovy automatically imports -0-, -1-, and -2-" for the second example. This problem occurs in an extensive number of places throughout the book. It looks like some sort of problem resolving references when the book's source code was processed.

Matthew Halverson  Nov 27, 2017 
Safari Books Online

chapter 7 a one-to-one relationship between production classes and text (text should be test) classes is a bad idea.

Manas Marthi  Oct 29, 2017