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Safari Books Online

Not sure of page number, since viewing online and don't see an obvious way to determine that, but in the section:

Chapter 5 - Writing a Mushroom Classifier - Coding and testing design :

in the description of classes found below the line:

"From here we define the following classes (see Figure 5-6):"

The class MushroomForest is incorrectly spelled MushroomForrest (with extra 'r' in Forest)

Note from the Author or Editor:
Got it, fixed it in the next pressing. Thanks for submitting the errata :)

Matthew Carpenter  Mar 01, 2018 
Page 26
Top of the page

The triangle inequality as listed on the page has a typo. On the page it's listed as

||x|| + ||y|| <= ||x|| + ||y||

This isn't right as the two sides of the equation are the same. It should be

||x + y|| <= ||x|| + ||y||
(Stars above indicate change)

Enjoying the book so far otherwise!

Note from the Author or Editor:
I have added the change to Atlas. And should be good to go on next release.

Michael Allen  Jan 20, 2017  Oct 20, 2017
Page 38
12th line of text

the line states:
self.df = self.df[['lat', 'long', 'SqFtLot']

There is a missing close bracket. The line should read:
self.df = self.df[['lat', 'long', 'SqFtLot']]

  Feb 17, 2017  Oct 20, 2017
Page 45
6th mathematical expression

error line: total = 6.0

This line should be corrected as

total = 5.0 (because len (a | b) = 5 )

in spite of correcting does not affect the result of p_a_given_b calculation, as the variable 'total' appears both of the upper and lower term of it's calculation.

Note from the Author or Editor:
Yup this is definitely an issue and should be changed.

Anonymous  Apr 08, 2017  Oct 20, 2017
Page 129
1st word of 3rd paragraph

"Mathemeticians" is spelled incorrectly. Should be "Mathematicians".

  Feb 17, 2017  Oct 20, 2017
Other Digital Version
import theanets

Hello, I am trying to work through the neural network project source example of chapter 8. However, I am not able to get very far. When I attempt to restore the Python project dependencies as such:

pip3 install -r requirements35.txt

I encounter the following error message:

Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement climate==0.4.6 (from -r requirements35.txt (line 7)) (from versions: )
No matching distribution found for climate==0.4.6 (from -r requirements35.txt (line 7))

After doing some basic investigation, I found that the Python module 'climate' is no longer available. The GitHub project has been removed. I purchased this book just a few months ago and would appreciate some technical guidance (as would other reasons, I imagine).

Note from the Author or Editor:
Hey there,

I have updated the github repository. Climate is actually not needed to run the examples. So please try again.

And thank you for submitting this errata :)

Anonymous  Apr 13, 2019