iOS 11 Programming Fundamentals with Swift

Errata for iOS 11 Programming Fundamentals with Swift

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The errata list is a list of errors and their corrections that were found after the product was released. If the error was corrected in a later version or reprint the date of the correction will be displayed in the column titled "Date Corrected".

The following errata were submitted by our customers and approved as valid errors by the author or editor.

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Page 77
First sentence under "Façade for fetching a property or calling a method"

"When a value can be readily calculated or obtained each time it is needed, it often makes for simpler syntax to express it as a read-only computed variable, which effectively acts a shorthand for a longer expression." Seems like there is an "s" missing in this phrase: " . . . acts a shorthand for . . . " That maybe should be " . . . acts as shorthand for . . ." Enjoying the book. Thanks and good luck!

Note from the Author or Editor:
Very sharp eyes! Should actually be "as a".

Anonymous  Jan 26, 2018 
Page 350
Under "The Documentation Window": "Primary documentation" section

In Xcode 9 the menu for Apple's documentation has changed it's name to Developer Documentation instead of Documentation and API Reference

Note from the Author or Editor:
Absolutely true, many thanks.

Darrell  Oct 30, 2017 
Page 455
2nd paragraph on section KVC and Outlets

"When the nib loads, the outlet name "master" is translated though key–value coding to the accessor method name setMaster:" Here "though" is a typo and should be "through".

Note from the Author or Editor:
Exactly so.

Darrell  Nov 23, 2017