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Page 4
5th paragraph

“ whether you use those them or not “ — those or them, not both

David Beiswenger  Jan 09, 2019  Jan 18, 2019
Page 4
1st paragraph of “Up to Speed” section

“ if you haven’t updated your Mac in [a] long time“ — determiner missing

David Beiswenger  Jan 20, 2019  Mar 15, 2019
Page 453
top of page

Section "Numbers, Pages" describes Apple's iWork suite. Should it not include Keynote as well which is part of the suite and be relocated as "Keynote, Numbers, and Pages" between the "iTunes" and "Launchpad" sections?

David L Carlson  May 25, 2019  May 31, 2019
Page 569
Bottom section titled "Gem in the rough"

You write that when you select Create Network you can make up a name and password for your little private network, and then click OK. However when I did this it responded with the proposed network name and a selection of numbered channels, in this case Channel 11.
I don't remember it being like this before and I would like to make sure that my machine is not playing tricks on me. (When you click on Join Network it responds as you say).Any clarification will be gratefully received

Note from the Author or Editor:
Change to: "Make up a name for your little private network"

Stuart Collins  May 01, 2019  May 31, 2019
Page 581
5th paragraph of Gem in the Rough: Sharing Only Accounts

The text refers to Screen Sharing, where it should refer to File Sharing (when adding a user in Screen Sharing there is no option to choose a user from the Contacts list). It also refers to fig. 13-17, which pertains to Screen Sharing.

The text, "This way, you don't have to set up a name and password for them on your Mac, and they don't have to learn another name and password", is misleading: The user sharing his data still needs to establish a password for the user with whom he is sharing, whether he creates it himself or it is given to him by the remote user.

Note from the Author or Editor:
fixed in 2nd printing 5/15/19

Anonymous  Apr 15, 2019  May 31, 2019
Page 597
Tip after second paragraph

"You can permit people to see your Mac's screen remotely by entering their Apple ID and passwords....To set this up, see the box on page 598." Unfortunately the box on pg. 598 says nothing about setting up Apple ID with screen sharing, only screen sharing with Windows and VNC.

Page 598 has a repeat of this on the tenth paragraph above the Gem in the Rough box: "If Other Mac's owner wants you to have access and has set you up that way (following the steps in the box on page 598), then you can connect just by entering your Apple ID and password."

Note from the Author or Editor:
fixed in 2nd printing 5/15/19

Anonymous  Apr 24, 2019  May 31, 2019