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Page Protecting Node Metadata and Endpoints
Table 2-1. Inbound control plane node ports

The Kubernetes API server port is 6443, not 6643.


Chris Devine  Nov 13, 2023 
Page Cluster Setup: Exam Essentials
5th paragraph

"Know where to find the hash file and how to use a validation tool to identify if the binary has been tempered with" should read "been tampered with."

Chris Devine  Nov 13, 2023 
Page page 25, Creating the TLS Certificate and Key
First paragraph of section, the openssl req command

The cert is created for domain accounting.tls with the command
“openssl req -nodes -new -x509 -keyout accounting.key -out accounting.crt \
-subj "/CN=accounting.tls”

Then later the certificate is used for an ingress accessed with a different domain name

“kubectl create ingress accounting-ingress \
--rule="*=accounting-service:80, \
tls=accounting-secret" -n t75”

For better consistency the certificate should be created with domain name
“openssl req -nodes -new -x509 -keyout accounting.key -out accounting.crt \
-subj "/”

Carlos Santana  Jan 11, 2024