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Page 152
6.1.3. Building the Preprocessor sample code; On the Safari version of this book the sample code

has two problems when you cut and paste. There is a extra "" in this piece of sample code float lat = float(data[LATITUDE]); float lon = float(data[LONGITUDE]); // Albers equal-area conic projection. // USGS uses standard parallels at 45.5N and 29.5N // with a central meridian value of 96W. // Latitude value is phi, longitude is lambda.

Page 160
4th piece of sample code.; In Section 6.4 the following piece of sample code is missing a closing

"}" void updateTyped( ) { typedString = new String(typedChars, 0, typedCount); typedPartials[typedCount] = int(typedString); for (int j = typedCount-1; j > 0; --j) { typedPartials[j] = typedPartials[j + 1] / 10; } foundCount = 0; for (int i = 0; i < placeCount; i++) { // Update boundaries of selection // and identify whether a particular place is chosen. places[i].check( ); }