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Table 'Module Information for This Chapter'

The CPAN author ID is misspelled, which delayed my finding this module on CPAN:

Win32: : GuiTest KARASIC 1.54

Should be:


David Burch  Jun 21, 2010  Jun 01, 2010
Page 518
first example

in the example on the RRDs::create stuff, the book reads:

use RRDs;
my $database = "router.rrd";

RRDs::create ($database, "-start", time, "-step", "120",





my $ERR=RRDs::error;

die "Can't create $database: $ERR\n" if $ERR;

Unfortunately this code snippet stops with an error

Can't create router.rrd: step size should be no less than one second

.. the example should use "--start"/"--step" instead of "-start"/"-step" in order to work.

Thomas Leyer  Jul 07, 2009