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Page 136
In the first sentence under "FILTERS", inside the ( . . .)

Saying that you must buy a filter by brand and lens is unclear, to begin with. Brand of what, the camera or the filter? And what does lens refer to, focal length, type (telephoto, Normal)? The real error, however, is that neither of these things matter at all. The only consideration regarding fit is thread diameter. A 55mm filter, regardless of brand, will fit a lens with a front thread of 55mm, regardless of whether it's a Nikon, or Canon, or Sony, etc. This, and other errors that I've sited to date, may seem trivial, and to an experienced photographer they would be. But I bought this book for a grandchild just getting into Photography, and for such a reader these error do matter. Overall, the book serves its purpose well. These are constructive critizisms, and are not meant to demean the author, phblisher, or anybody else.

Note from the Author or Editor:
Corrected in 2nd printing, 2/2010.

Chuck Cressman  Mar 08, 2009