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Page 2
bottom line

QuickBooks Enterprise Edition is not limited to 100,000 items. It allows unlimited names and items, but performance begins to degrade around 100,000. source:

Note from the Author or Editor:
on page 4 Enterprise bullet Remove "(100,000 versus 14,500 for Premier)". Insert sentence "QuickBooks Enterprise handles an unlimited number of names and items. However, the program's performance begins to slow down when the database contains more than 100,000 names."

Anonymous  Oct 16, 2008 
Page 4
third Paraghagh

In the parenthesis should be 100,000 versus 14,500 fpr Premier and a "0" is missing so it is "100,00"

Note from the Author or Editor:
the errata is correct. I found this problem when I was updating the book for 2009 and corrected it for the 2009 edition

Anonymous  Oct 04, 2008 
Page 82
The second "Note"

The Note refers to a box on page 82 but there is no box on page 82 - not clear what the Note is referring to.

Note from the Author or Editor:
It should be the box on page 85

Anonymous  Dec 10, 2008