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Page 101
last sentence of 4th paragraph

The authors state, "...we think it's important to show how to achieve our universal design goals in a menu system, without the licensing restrictions. So we wrote an open source menu script of our own, which you can download at http://ud4wa.com". As of today (May 4, 2009) this code does not appear to exist. The only content that is available on this site are 2 blog entries (the September 20th posting provides slides to a presentation and the January 7th posting provides the 20 questions of chapter 11), the document containing the slides referred to above, an about page, and access to the feeds of the posts and comments. Cheers

Note from the Author or Editor:
On page 101 of the book we say, "So we wrote an open source menu script of our own, which you can download from [this site]." Let me just say that as the book went to press we were still working out some kinks to the system. What we came up with was far less robust and usable than what the folks at Yahoo! and Dojo have been working on. Therefore, we defer to those libraries. In January 2009, Wendy summarized the results of testing eight menuing systems across a variety of variables in a Menu Testing Matrix: http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/3401/Menus/testMatrix.html The conclusion favors the YUI menu component and Dojo/Dijit menu system in terms of licensing (Free BSD-based licensing), access technology support, ARIA integration, and usability (especially in terms of keyboard navigation and replication of system menu behaviors). Therefore, don't look here for the code. Look at Yahoo! UI Library: Menu: http://developer.yahoo.com/yui/menu/ and dijit.Menu: http://api.dojotoolkit.org/jsdoc/1.3/dijit.Menu

Anonymous  May 04, 2009