The Myths of Security

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Safari Books Online
Chapter 30 near the end (no page numbers are listed)

Kaminsky is spelled Daminsky the second time: "when Dan Kaminsky found a major bug in DNS last year. Once Daminsky acknowledged"

ZacharyScheuren  Jun 21, 2009 
Safari Books Online
Chapter 4, 4th paragraph (immediately following paragraph 3's bullet list), 2nd sentence

Anonymous  Jul 06, 2009 
Safari Books Online
Chapter 11, sidebar "The Limitations of Traditional Firewalls", Paragraph 6, Sentence 2

The phrase,

Steven Cook  Jul 06, 2009 
Safari Books Online
Chapter 27, Paragraph 10, Sentence 2

There is a closing parenthesis at the end of the sentence with no matching open parenthesis (and no obvious spot where one should belong):

Steven Cook  Jul 08, 2009