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Page Preface
"Contact Us" Section

There is a link to companion content in the Preface that is no longer valid. Can this link be replaced or removed?

"The companion website for this book, where you can find all the contributions, contributor biographies, and more, is at:

Note from the Author or Editor:
Here is an updated link: http://

Anonymous  Dec 16, 2022  Jan 13, 2023
Page 91
command pipele low on page

"sort -r" should be "sort -rn" to get numerical sorting otherwise 2 will show up higher than 10.

Peter Allan  Sep 28, 2015  Jan 13, 2023
Page 119
3rd line

"We have could captured" should read "We could have captured".

Robin Sibley  Apr 22, 2010  Jan 13, 2023
Page 137
First Bullet end of First Sentence

"disentangle them in the feature." should be "disentangle them in the future."

Note from the Author or Editor:
Yes, this is indeed a typo: "feature" needs to be changed to "future".

William Hartley  Feb 24, 2011  Jan 13, 2023
Printed, PDF
Page 183
Code in the middle of the page (after second text paragraph)

The following text

new SortedList<Customer)();

should be

new SortedList<Customer>();

In other words, the closing parenthesis immediately after "Customer" should be a closing angle bracket.

Kevlin Henney
Sep 17, 2010  Jan 13, 2023